Hey I'm Pat, currently a Product Designer at Dell Innovation Lab.

I enjoy complex problems, designing products that make a difference, and learning to snowboard once every 2 years.  My first job was at a chain coffee shop in Bangkok where I got paid 50 cents per hour and my shift started at 5am.



I've been working on ✱DMS app, ✱Concept Stanza tablet, and ✱Signals desktop app. I was also leading the design team for a SOCASH app and was working on a few projects on this e-commerce platform runs by Alibaba.

*Some of these are password protected for confidentiality reasons. Email me if you want access!


State of UX in Singapore II panel with Academy Xi at WeWork


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Writing helps me organize my thoughts! I write about stuff on Medium and sometimes on other channels. 

MA thesis book, 2016. PDF 

Weekday Faces

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I started Weekday Faces as an interview series about how creative people start businesses.

We just hosted our first panel in Feb 2020.


Our first WF: Talk the Walk panel on how creative people can run businesses!

Some of the Interviews with other creatives

Co-Founder of YAY Bangkok, and a doctor turned candle maker.

Co-Founder of The Great Outdoor Market, created a night market at an old ship factory and ended up building her own design company.


Owner of Mustard Sneakers, understanding the magic of the molds.

Let's Talk!

I like chatting over coffee! Find me on MediumLinkedinInstagram, or email me at: p.daviv@gmail.com