I’m Pat (short for Patlapa). I’m a product designer, currently focusing on improving products and businesses through user experience. I enjoy simplifying complicated things, seeing tangible results, and working in a collaborative environment with passionate people.



I'm working as a Product Design Lead at a fintech startup in Singapore. I also co-founded Rice Milk Research where we help companies conduct UX research in Thailand. Apart from that, I run a blog called Weekday Faces and I write on Medium (all are listed below).


Want to talk about my latest work? Please contact me directly at p.daviv@gmail.com :)

I co-founded Rice Milk Research, a service that helps companies conduct user research in Thailand. Our previous clients include Netflix, Enfamil, and ThoughtWorks.

I started Weekday Faces, an interview series started from my curiosity about how creative people start businesses. Here are a few of my favorite ones!

Interview - 2019

Phatchana left her medical career path to pursue her passion and co-founded YAY Bangkok. She created a candle brand that is healthy for the environment, leaves a long-lasting impact, and now being sold in multiple cities in Asia.


Interview - 2018

Dalee co-founded The Great Outdoor Market because of her love for urban planning. She started by creating a night market at an old ship factory and ended up building her own design company.


I also write about UX and product design on Medium.

UX writing - 2019

Published on UX Collective. I talked about my experience with working in an early stage startup without PMs.


UX writing - 2018

Here I talked about what I've learn from working as a UX Designer for a Southeast Asia e-commerce platform.

Master's Thesis - 2016

I wrote a thesis book about human-computer interaction and how the accuracy of information technology has changed our navigational senses. In here, you will find a lot of interactive projects I've done :)

Let's Talk!

I like chatting over a coffee! Find me on MediumLinkedinInstagram, or email me at: p.daviv@gmail.com


I'd love to hear from you :)