A mobile app that lets users withdraw cash from anywhere

Product Design Lead
August 2018 - July 2020

SOCASH is a cash circulation app. The main feature is for users to withdraw cash from shops around the corner and get rewards. The app is operating in Singapore and Indonesia currently.


I joined the SOCASH in August 2018 as a Product Design Lead. Back then, the app could only be used for withdrawing cash. We have added many other features since then. For the withdrawal feature, the procedure was as simple as:

Group 29.png
Group 31.png
Group 27.png
Group 28.png
Group 30.png

From trying the product out myself, I found that

The flow was very straight forward but it took many steps to get to where I wanted to go.

This was how a user get from Choosing cash amount to Choosing a shop. It took 4 steps.

01. Withdraw cash@1x.png
01.1b Change Location.png
01.1c Change Location - Expanded.png
02. Select Cashpoint.png

Choosing the amount ----> Choosing the shop

How can I make this better for the users?


My team decided to run a usability test on the app with 5 existing users and 5 new users to see how they interact with the app differently.

User Research Finding (1).jpg
User Research Finding.jpg
User Research Finding (2).jpg

We found:​

  • New users had a hard time locating where the shops are.

  • Existing users usually just go to the same few shops. 

With the limited developer resources that we had for this improvement project, I decided to release new designs for this landing screen in very small chunks. That way we can also gather more information about what works as we implemented the new designs.

V.1 : The Merge

The first step we took was to combine the Choosing amount and Choosing a shop to be on the same screen.

This helped give new users more context of what they are supposed to do on the app.

The withdrawal success rate improved from 80% to 94% since we launched this.

Clay White@2x.png

People usually only withdraw the same amount of cash everytime.

V.2 : Re-Prioritizing

We hid the amount picker (since users rarely touch that as the app displays the latest withdrawal amount) and chose to re-focus the landing screen space to display `recent searched location` instead.

One of the things we found during the research and subsequently confirmed in our user database was that

Clay White Copy 3.png
Clay White Copy 2.png
Clay White Copy 4.png

Remaining problem:

With the shop list, it was still very hard for new users to locate each shop, especially if they just want to go to the nearest shop to them

V.3 : Hello, Map

Introducing the map view!

Steps to find the nearest shop.



1. Tap on a shop from the shop list

2. See shop detail

3. Tap on shop location Google map

4. See where it is on Google map

5. Go back to the main shop list 

6. Repeat on other shops to compare



10+.) Choose one



1. See where every shop is on the map

2. Choose one

We still let the users have the option to choose a shop from the list view so we could measure this design.

By the end of the 2nd week of releasing this, 80% of the users selected a shop from the map view.

Clay White Copy 5.png
Clay White Copy 6.png

V.4 : Smoothening

Time to tie everything all togehter!

Clay White Copy 8.png
Clay White Copy 7.png
Clay White Copy 9.png

We added a few other details to tie the experience together. The most important update for this version was to smoothen the transition of each step. Instead of this page > that page > the other page, we wanted the transition to be unnoticeable and seamless.


Different header stages and for different markets

The rest follows.

The end-to-end withdrawal flow was being improved as we built this version to fulfill our goal of building a seamless withdrawal experience.

Clay White Copy 7.png

Currently, the app has expanded its functions to more things including deals, promo code, notification center, reward system, foreign exchange, and so on.

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